Rob Hutchinson What I Like Most About Magic

What I Like Most About Magic

Someone recently asked me what I really enjoy about magic…

It made me think. Most of the time we do whatever it is we do each day and don’t give it much thought.  We’re all too busy just getting on with life.   In the past few months,  of course, most of us have found our everyday lives on hold.  

As a magician, I’m used to performing every day

If I’m not working at an event, then  I’m either preparing for one,  winding down from one, or practising.  I love all kinds of magic – from cards to silks, and coins to Rubik’s Cubes.  (And talking of Rubik’s Cubes, I’m currently working on an amazing routine that I hope to share with you in a future post.  It even blows me away – and I know how it’s done!)

But it’s not all about the tricks

What I really love about magic is the chance it gives me to go out and meet new people.  To socialise and – if I’m lucky – to make new friends on the way.  Too many magicians think it’s enough to turn up, show a few tricks and walk off with your money in their pocket.

I never want to be one of those magicians.   I love performing, but what I love most is performing  for people.  That’s what I really miss during lockdown.  Being able to get out there, to meet new people and, I hope, put a smile on their faces.

I love to see people laugh, smile…

Or even poke fun at me if things go wrong.  (Which they do from time to time – though hopefully only when you’re not looking!)  Magic is – or should – create a story people can watch and listen to.  Not just tricks – which anyone can do – but a fun-filled experience.

So there you have it.  I love the tricks, the performing, the fun and smiles along the way.  But what I love (and miss!) most of all about magic is you – the people who are kind enough to watch and laugh (and hopefully be amazed) with me when I perform.  

I hope it’s not too long before we meet again.

Until the next time – keep safe and well!

Rob Hutchinson Magician Harrogate

Dec 2, 2020

by Rob Hutchinson