Real Magic Eliza

Real Magic

Those of you who follow me on Facebook will know that, recently, my daughter, Eliza, has been performing some great magic.

It all began when she asked if I could teach her a few tricks. Of course, I was thrilled that she wanted to learn, and even more so when she said she wanted me to teach her.

Eliza’s been interested in magic for some time. Like many children of her age, she loves Harry Potter – books and films – and her favourite movie is Disney’s Magic Camp. Last year, when lockdown restrictions were lifted, we made a family visit to Warner Bros Studio in London and enjoyed their’ Making of Harry Potter’ experience. That really fired up Eliza’s enthusiasm.

Most magicians take their first steps with the help of a magic set, and Eliza’s no different.  She loves hers, and practises all the time. We’ve also been experimenting with some ideas – because that’s how all magicians develop and improve.

Magic has improved my confidence and I can already see the effect it’s having on Eliza as she blossoms into a fantastic entertainer.

It would be an absolute dream of mine to perform alongside my best friend as a father/daughter duo.  
Who knows what the future holds?  But one thing I do know …

Eliza is ‘Real Magic’!

Rob Hutchinson Magician Harrogate

Apr 6, 2021

by Rob Hutchinson